How To Prepare Your Office For Allergy Season

Last year during allergy season, you might have noticed that your employees -- and you! -- all walked around suffering from allergy symptoms. The spring and fall seasons can be tough for those who suffer from allergies, and you may not even be able to find relief when you're in your office. Luckily, following a few tips can help you prepare for allergy season so that you and your employees can have a little bit of relief this year.

Have Your Air Conditioning System Looked At

Your office air conditioning system should help with conditioning and cycling the air. Have it inspected by a qualified HVAC professional to ensure that it's running like it's supposed to. Also, add "change the air filters" to the maintenance list -- if it's done frequently, it'll help improve your indoor air quality.

Invest in an Air Filtration System

Have you ever thought about investing in an air filtration system for your office? One of these systems can help filter allergens out of your in-office air. You can invest in standalone units that can be placed in each office, but a better choice may be to invest in a whole-office system that will be hooked up with your air conditioning system. A commercial HVAC professional should be able to provide you with more details.

Break Out the Floor Mats

Keep floor mats outside of the doors of your office. This will encourage people to brush the pollen off of their shoes each time that they walk in and can help prevent allergens from being tracked into your office. Make sure that you shake out or vacuum these mats -- and any mats that are within the office -- on a regular basis.

Hire a Janitorial Service

If you haven't already, consider hiring a cleaning company in Burbank to come out and clean up your office on a regular basis. A good janitorial service will do a thorough job of cleaning the floors, desks, countertops and more. This helps get rid of any allergens that might be in the office and can make for a cleaner and more pleasant workplace overall. If you are worried about suffering from symptoms related to the cleaning solutions that are used, consider asking your janitorial service to use natural cleaning chemicals.

As you can see, there are steps that you can take to prepare your office for allergy season. Follow these tips, and you should find that you and your employees won't suffer from as many allergy symptoms this year.