Making Your Apartment Feel More Like A Home: Ideas For You

When you move into a rental apartment, no matter how big or small that apartment is, it can often feel quite plain and even cold. This is because standard white or beige paint and carpeting are standard for use in rental units. While you cannot really do anything about your walls or carpet in your new apartment, there are many different ways to personalize the overall look of your new apartment and make it feel more like a home than a cold, plain space. Get to know some of these steps that you can take and get started transforming your apartment into a home.

Use Wall Decals To Add Color And Personality

Even though you cannot repaint your walls in a rental apartment, there are steps that you can take to make your walls less drab. One of the best ways that you can add a pop of color and design to your apartment decor is through the use of wall decals.

Wall decals are essentially stickers that you can place on your walls that look like paint or wallpaper. They can be placed, removed, and put in another location without damaging the paint and without causing problems with your landlord.

These wall decals come in all different types of designs. You can get abstract patterns, characters and animals, flowers, sayings, and even life-size tree wall decals. Some are even available in 3-D to add an extra pop to your design.

Install Drapery Treatments On Your Windows

Many apartments come with inexpensive aluminum blinds on the windows (or some variation thereof). However, once again, these seem plain and impersonal. In order to rectify the situation, you may want to consider installing curtains or draperies over the blinds in your new apartment.

Drapery treatments allow you to add color and pattern to a room that would otherwise be whitewashed and boring. These window treatments also help to pull the room together. Use resources like to explore your options.

If you love classic elegance and traditional design, choose long draperies with a traditional draped valance for drama and impact. Or, if you prefer modern design, choose something with crisp lines and a bold, unique pattern. Drapery treatments can add life to a room even if there is nothing else decorating the walls and make your apartment feel like home almost instantly. 

Now that you have a few ideas of how to personalize your rental apartment and make it feel more like home, you can get started in the process. You will feel comfortable and as if your apartment space is truly your own in no time.