Tips For Caring For Your New Corian Countertops

The type of countertop that is found in your kitchen is an important factor in determining both the appearance of the kitchen as well as the maintenance requirements for it. To this end, Corian countertops can be an excellent choice for homeowners that want an aesthetically pleasing option that is also low-maintenance. Yet, you might not be very familiar with what is needed to get the most from these countertops. Luckily, the following couple of tips can make it easier for you to ensure these countertops last as long as possible.  

Dry The Countertop After Washing It

One of the most routine forms of maintenance that will be needed for any type of countertop is to routinely clean it. Fortunately, Corian countertops can be safely cleaned with almost any type of countertop cleaner, but homeowners should make it a point to always thoroughly dry these countertops after they have been cleaned.

If you make the mistake of failing to dry the countertop, you will find that it develops a thin film and smudges. Also, this can cause the countertop to become tacky to the touch. To avoid this type of problem, you should always make sure to use a clean cloth to dry it.

Have Any Chips Or Cracks Repaired As Soon As Possible

While Corian countertops are highly resistant to heat, it is still possible for them to suffer damage from other threats. In particular, these countertops can still suffer chips and cracks from forceful impacts. Sadly, you might make the mistake of neglecting to have this type of damage repaired, which can lead to major issues for your countertop. For example, this can allow moisture to seep under the countertops, which can continue to mold growth, the counter rotting and even a worsening of the cracks in the countertop.

Luckily, repairing this type of countertop does not have to be particularly difficult. Usually, repairing small chips and cracks will require applying a special resin to the damaged area of the countertop. This resin will bond with the Corian when it dries. Fortunately, many home improvement stores sell repair kits for Corian countertops.

Choosing to have a Corian countertop installed in your kitchen can be an excellent option if you are wanting to have a durable but beautiful kitchen countertop. By understanding the benefits of always drying the countertop after cleaning it as well as the need to repair chips and cracks, you should be in a better position to get the most from this type of countertop.