Quick Tips To Maintain A Fresh Scent In Your Storage Unit

If you've ever pulled items out of storage and been horrified at the musty, dusty odor they've developed, you might be resistant to ever put anything in storage again. However, there are ways to prevent these malodors from developing. Follow these tips as you put items in a storage unit at a facility like Empire Self Storage, and they should stay smelling fresh.

Never store anything moist or damp.

It does not take much moisture to perpetuate mold or mildew growth, and most storage odors do stem from mold or mildew. So take steps to prevent putting anything in storage when it's damp:

  • Wipe appliances out several days before moving them to storage so they have ample time to dry.
  • Never load a storage unit up on a rainy day when your items might become wet.
  • If you're going to use furniture polish or any sprays to wipe down furniture, do so at home rather than as you put the items in storage.
  • Don't put liquids like cleaning products and paint into storage in case they spill.

Clean appliances thoroughly before putting them in storage.

Refrigerators and ovens are common culprits when it comes to smelly storage units. It only takes a little food grime, and before you know it, the appliance is laden with stinky bacteria and fungi. So clean anything that has come into contact with food thoroughly before putting it in your storage unit.

Open some desiccant boxes or boxes of baking soda in your storage unit.

You can buy boxes of silicone desiccant at your local home improvement store. You just remove the lid, and they absorb moisture and odors from the air. A box of baking soda will work the same way. Buy the biggest box you can find (baking soda is very inexpensive) and just open up the top. Remember to change out your baking soda or desiccant every month or so to ensure it keeps absorbing odors.

Use airtight bins rather than cardboard boxes.

If there is any trace of moisture in your unit, it will permeate a cardboard box quite easily, making the items inside smelly. Moisture won't get through a sealed plastic tote. So store soft items like clothing and linens in plastic totes rather than in cardboard. If you cannot afford to buy totes, at least encase the items in plastic bags before putting them in cardboard boxes; this adds an extra layer of protection.

Storage does not have to be stinky! With the tips above, your items should emerge smelling fresh.