Tips for Making Your Front Room More Cozy

The front room can be a catch-all space in your home. Depending on your house's layout, the front room might be the foyer, or at least the first space visitors see. That means the front room could need to be ready for both daily storage as well as making a good impression. Many homeowners also use their front room as the family room, meaning the main gathering space. Design a front room that both wows visitors and provides for your family's needs.

Provide a Dressing Station

If the front entrance opens right into your front room, designate the closest corner as a mudroom. This space can be more charming than the name sounds. You simply have to provide a dressing station. Better Homes and Gardens suggests adding a place to sit to facilitate changing footwear. You can make it a bench seat, which would give you extra storage in the well. Another option is installing a hall tree, which provides seating, some storage, and even a place to hang jackets.

Update the Wall Color

Concerning the room itself, a new wall color can greatly alter the ambiance. A paint job can also set the stage for the décor or at least freshen up the backdrop. Naturally, any warm hue is cheerful, especially if you choose a shade of yellow. However, if you're going for a more sophisticated look, consider a gray backdrop. Not only is gray chic, but the neutral color can make furnishings and décor stand out.

Change Out the Pillows and Throws

In that vein, perhaps the easiest update for your front room is to change out the pillows and throws. Your choice in these accent pieces can even influence the décor style. For instance, if you'd like to try a touch of the exotic, consider animal prints. On the other hand, you can add a feminine touch with floral prints. Bold colors can give the room a modern feel while quilted pieces can offer cozy cottage appeal. There's no rule that states you can't have a selection of pillows and throws that your rotate through your front room, so feel free to experiment.

Replace the Windows

There's no point in updating the décor if the front room is drafty. Your windows make a big difference in the coziness factor. Even if they're well sealed, your current windows might not be the most energy efficient. The needs of your front-room windows depend on the room's orientation. If the area is a south-facing room, it may be prudent to add a UV coating to the exterior. If the windows withstand a lot of wind, consider adding a gas fill to a double-hung variety. Replacement windows not only make your front room feel more cozy but also can save your furniture and even help lower utility bills. Try this by talking to a window vendor and getting started.

Make over your front room to give it extra coziness.