Three Ways To Use An Antique Fireplace Mantel Even If You Don't Have A Fireplace

Antique fireplace mantels don't have to be used with a fireplace to add beauty to your home. In fact, they can create a focal point in a room that's in need of a few decorative touches. If you find an antique fireplace mantel, here are a few ways you can use it without having a fireplace.

Entertainment Center

Instead of mounting your television to the wall, consider placing it in the area where the fire would normally go in a traditional fireplace. You can have an electrician run wiring to add an outlet to this area, or you can strategically place the mantel around an existing outlet. Use the shelf on the mantel to hold your home theater speakers or to proudly display your DVD collection. If you prefer to have your TV mounted on the wall, add a small cabinet underneath the mantel to hold your DVD player and DVR. Look for a cabinet with doors to keep the components hidden from sight when not in use.

Display Area

Consider building shelves that fit the inside of the mantel, and use them to display your favorite book collection or decorative items. This can be a great place to show off your antique collection, or it can simply be used to display treasured family photos. Paint the wall behind the shelves a different color than the room to call attention to the display area. For an added touch, use strips of crown molding on the edge of each shelf.

Headboard Frame

A small antique fireplace mantel can make a beautiful addition to a twin bed. It can be placed around your existing headboard to create a frame, or it can be placed behind a bed without one for a unique look. If you don't have a headboard at all, consider hanging a piece of wall art beneath the mantel to create a focal point, and use the mantel shelf to hold a lamp, books, or decorative items. For a custom look, consider creating a headboard that fits inside the mantel. This can be done with a piece of plywood, cotton batting, and a piece of beautiful fabric. If you aren't craft, you can have someone make this headboard for you and install it on the mantel.

Look for other creative ways to use an antique fireplace mantel in your home, and use these ideas to inspire you as you create a stunning vintage look in your home.