Decorative Touches For Your Backyard Garden For The Crafty Homeowner

One of the cool things about being a crafty person is that you can decorate your home and garden with all sorts of interesting materials and express your creativity. Being a crafty person will allow you to take common, everyday items and turn them into something beautiful, unique, and stunning. So, you can use this skill to transform a regular, common backyard into a really cool place that will wow your family and friends, and also be a really fun place to relax in. Here's a few ideas to get started.

Bottle Tree

If you are a fan of colored glass as a decorative item, then you will love the idea of a bottle tree. These are really fun and easy to construct. You can do them one of two ways. First, if you have a real tree in your backyard, you can use this as the base. You will collect empty colored glass bottles( blues, greens, and clear with etched colors being common) and then suspend them from the branches of the tree. These will light up with the sunlight and really look beautiful. If you don't have a tree, you can get a wire or metal frame and use this as the base. Secure the bottles with copper wire to the metal poles. You can find these metal bases at many garden and home improvement stores.

Decorate An Old Wooden Bench With Clavos and Stain

If you have a  nice wooden bench, but it's a bit bland looking in its current state, then you should get some nice wood stain and some decorative clavos. These two things can transform the bench from a common looking item into one that gets looks. First, clean the bench and sand it down and then let it dry. Then apply the new wood stain. This can be any color you want, and if you want to make it look even more fancy, you might want to add a coat of tung oil.

The next step is to get some decorative clavos. You can get them in dark black, which would conjure up images of hand forged iron, or you can get copper colored clavos. Then you can attach them onto the surface of the bench so that it has a handmade look. These clavos are the easiest way to take a bench that was made in a factory and transform it into one that looks like a classic, handmade bench that you have found at a great antique store or yard sale.  

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