Reasons To Choose Window Blinds Over Drapes

Whether you're looking for window coverings for a new house or you're just eager to change the look of a residence you've called home for several years, one of the questions that you'll invariably have to answer is whether to choose blinds or drapes. Window drapes can be desirable to many homeowners, including you. However, you should also browse the blinds that your local home furnishings store has available and see if you can find something that suits your desired look. Here are many reasons that blinds can be a better choice, including the following factors to consider.

Easier To Keep Clean

There's little question that when it comes to cleanliness, window blinds are a better choice than drapes. Although some types of blinds can attract dust, the dust is easy to remove with a vacuum or a microfiber cloth. Drapes can also get dusty, but they're exceedingly more difficult to clean. While you may have some degree of success with a vacuum, the lightweight nature of the drapes will cause the vacuum to suck them up partially. Additionally, drapes can absorb odors from cigarettes and cooking, leaving your home smelling poorly. This isn't the case with blinds.

Easier To Stay Contemporary

If you look at pictures of a home from the 1980s or 1990s, you'll likely chuckle at how the drapes looked. Window drape styles change quickly, which means that you can invest significantly in a set of drapes that you like right now — only to find that they look dated and are a bit of an eyesore in just a few years into the future. When you choose blinds, it's easier to go with something that will stay relevant for longer. White or off-white standard blinds, for example, are unlikely to fall out of fashion.

Less Risk Of Fading

Even if your window drapes don't go out of style, you may find that you need to replace them prematurely. The rays from the sun can often fade the colors of your drapes, especially if they're of a lower quality. This means that red drapes can become an orange hue, which may be an issue if you have red accents in the room that the drapes no longer match. You'll generally find that window blinds are more resistant to fading, which can further boost their longevity. If you believe that blinds are the right choice for you, visit your local home furnishings store to find the blinds that suit your look.

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