Four Reasons To Rent A Two-Bedroom Apartment Even If You're Single

If you are a single adult and live alone, you may assume that a one-bedroom apartment is the appropriate choice for you. But while a one-bedroom may not be a bad choice, there are plenty of reasons to consider going with a two-bedroom instead. Here are four reasons a two-bedroom is worthwhile even when you're a single adult.

1. You can have guests stay over.

When you have guests over late at night, especially if they have been indulging in some adult beverages, it is really nice to be able to have them stay over rather than having to send them home. Sleeping on the couch will be their only option if you have a one-bedroom apartment, but in a two-bedroom, you can set up a guest room for them to use! This also gives longer-term guests a place to stay if they come visit you. They can save the expense of a hotel room.

2. You can store things out of the way. 

Space can get a bit tight in a one-bedroom apartment. Storing items for hobbies and even seasonal use can be tough. When you have a spare bedroom, however, you can use that extra space for storage. Even if the spare room also doubles as a guest room, you can put off-season clothing in the dressers and pack the closet full of holiday decorations. This will keep the rest of your apartment looking less cluttered. 

3. You have the option of welcoming a roommate.

If you ever fall on hard financial times and you have a two-bedroom apartment, you always have the option of clearing out that extra bedroom and having a roommate stay in that room. This can bring you in a few hundred extra dollars a month, which can really help you stay afloat if you lose your job or get your hours cut back. Having a roommate is not an option if you have a one-bedroom apartment. 

4. You may have more options.

If you are renting from an apartment community, you may have more options when it comes to a two-bedroom. Many of these communities only have a few one-bedrooms since they are less popular, but they tend to have several layouts and styles of the more popular two-bedroom units. 

If renting a two-bedroom apartment seems like the right choice for you, reach out to a rental company for pricing. Usually, renting a two-bedroom only costs marginally more than renting a one-bedroom unit.