Install A Limestone Patio With A Checkerboard Design

An interesting way to complement a portable fountain and new outdoor patio set is by installing a limestone patio that contains a checkerboard design. Limestone is a natural and durable stone that comes in a variety of colors, including pale green, grey, and white. Select the area that is going to be defined, purchase the limestone pavers, and install them before adding the fountain and furnishings.  

Choose A Location And Remove Sod

The area that you choose to add the patio to is dependent upon the location of outdoor electrical receptacles and the flatness of the land. A level section that is next to your home and that is within the vicinity of a power outlet is your best bet. Since limestone pavers should be installed upon a bare surface that does not contain grass or foliage, use a sod cutter to remove grass or weeds.

To get an idea of how large you should make the patio, contact a limestone paver supplier to inquire about the size of each paver style that is available. A checkerboard pattern will require square-shaped pavers. Decide how many squares you would like the patio to contain, and use the measurement of a single paver as a guide when clearing the property.

Purchase And Install The Limestone

When you are ready to purchase the limestone pavers, take a look at each color that is available so that you can select two colors that will work well together and that will enhance the materials that are being added to the new patio. Limestone pavers need to be aligned evenly side by side, and each one should be pressed down until it is flush with the surface of the ground.

If the pavers are heavy, have someone assist you with adding them to the property. Keep the pavers close together to minimize gaps between adjacent limestone pieces. Alternate the colors as you are adding the pavers to the ground until you have achieved a uniform checkerboard design. 

Seal The Patio And Add The Items Desired

Limestone should be sealed because it is prone to staining if liquids or sticky substances spill onto the surface of some or all of the pavers. Use a paint roller or paintbrush to apply a natural stone sealer across the surface of each paver.

After the sealer has dried, install the portable fountain and patio furnishings. Fill the fountain's basin with water before plugging the water feature's power cord into an electrical socket.