Should You Try To Salvage Mold-Damaged Items?

One question that most homeowners ask themselves after a mold problem is what to do with all the damaged items. Items that have been exposed to mold can suffer extensive damage depending on a few factors. In many cases, it might be easier to simply toss out the damaged item and replace it.

However, there are other items which can still be cleaned and restored after suffering mold damage. In some cases, you can do the cleaning on your own, but other items will require professional mold remediation services.

Items to Throw Away

Anything with a porous surface should probably be thrown away if it came into contact with the mold. Items that should definitely be thrown away include:

  • Mattresses

  • Stuffed animals

  • Carpet

  • Cardboard

  • Furnishings with upholstery

The process of completely removing mold from such items is very expensive and it's often cheaper to just replace the item. Additionally, the damage done by the mold is usually not reversible. Paper products should also be thrown away. This includes books.

Mold can set deep inside items with porous surfaces, and it's not always possible to remove this mold. If not disposed of, such items can be the origin site of a new mold problem.

Food preparation appliances may also need to be replaced since the cost of cleaning them may exceed the cost of replacement.

Items to Clean

Items with solid surfaces can be cleaned and preserved. This includes glass, metal, and plastic. Such items can be cleaned using a simple mixture of water and antibacterial dish soap. If you're using bleach, ensure it's not too concentrated. Concentrated bleach can cause injury and damage.

Fabric clothing can also be saved by cleaning using laundry detergent. This, however, will not reverse fabric damage. The sooner the material is cleaned the lower the chances of permanent fabric damage.

When to Make an Exception

Although it's easier to just dispose of items with porous surfaces, this isn't always an option. If the item in question is a valuable piece of art or something with sentimental value like an album, you might be ready to pay the high price of getting them cleaned.

Such items can be freeze-dried to prevent further damage and then restored. In the case of artwork, you should contact a company that specializes in restoration of artwork.

Salvaging such items after mold damage is quite expensive. This is why you should first perform a cost-benefit analysis to determine if they're worth the expense.

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