Make Some Holiday Stockings For Your Family Members

The holidays have come and gone, but this does not mean that you have to put Christmas on the back burner and forget about the pleasant feelings you experienced while sitting in front of your fireplace and exchanging gifts with your loved ones. One way to keep the holiday spirit afloat is by creating some needlepoint Santa Christmas stockings that can be used to hold small treats and other surprises that you plan to give to your loved ones next Christmas.

Select Kits That Are On Sale

Christmas products tend to go on sale after the holidays, and if you have always admired detailed needlepoint kits that contain many accessories but didn't purchase any because of the high price, you may be able to land a deal that will allow you to get one or more of the kits for a price that you are comfortable with.

Another perk about getting started on a holiday project now is that you will have all year long to complete the stockings, which will allow you to take your time and do an excellent stitching job.

Choose A Picture For Each Family Member

Choose a unique picture to add to each stocking so that the finished collection reflects a specific storyline or theme. For instance, if your spouse and children have always been fond of the 'magic' associated with Santa and his elves creating a list and making toys, then add Santa and his wife to two of the stockings and various elves to the remaining ones.

If the needlepoint kits that you select do not contain enough thread to add a name across the bottom of each stocking, purchase some dark-colored thread and use it to add your own finishing touches to the stockings. After the pictures have been sewn on the stockings, add the name of each family member to the bottoms of the stockings before assembling additional pieces that are needed to complete each project.

A needlepoint kit that is designed for novices may include a prefabricated stocking. Other kits that are more challenging may include a front and back piece for each stocking that will need to be sewn together once the needlepoint is complete.

After you have finished the stockings, place them inside of a storage bin so that your loved ones won't see them until Christmas Eve. On Christmas Eve, give your family members the stockings and request that they hang them along the mantelpiece.