Tips To Prepare Your Home For Excessive Storm Winds And Hurricanes

Hurricane season is not far off, and if you live in a hurricane zone or in an area that receives storms with excessive winds, you will need to prepare your home and property for them. Heavy rain and strong winds can put excess pressure on your roof, windows, and trees in your yard. Here are some recommendations to get these areas of your property ready for the upcoming storm season.

Install Protective Window Features

The windows of your home are a vulnerability in your home's structure during high winds and hurricanes. Because the windows of your home may be traditionally made of glass, they can break under pressure from the wind. And once the pressure from the storm enters your home it can cause your home to lose its stability and lose its roof and walls. 

When you live in a hurricane zone, you should protect your home with hurricane shutters or a similar impact resistant windows. These types of windows will allow you to keep your home's view to the outside, but will provide additional strength to your home's windows against flying debris and heavy gusts. 

You can install hurricane shutters on the outside of your windows, and they come in a variety of styles. For example, you can find traditional shutters that close over your windows when you need their protection. You can also install rolling shutters that slide in place over your windows during a storm. Whatever the look you prefer for your home, make sure you install this important protection to your home.

Maintain Trees

The trees in your yard can also pose a threat to your home during high winds or a hurricane. Any trees in your yard can lose branches to the wind, which can impact the roof or side of your home. And if the tree is overgrown with old or dying branches, especially if part of the tree grows over your home, you need to take some measure to protect your home from its potential damage.

Talk to a tree professional about trimming your trees each year to remove excess branches and overgrowth or dead sections. You may want to remove a tree if it is growing too close to your home. A tree professional can evaluate the trees in your yard to maintain them and keep them healthy so they don't pose a risk during high winds but allow you to keep and enjoy them in your yard.