Tips To Update And Improve Your Kitchen's Function

Your kitchen is considered the heart of your home due to its popular nature and because it is the central gathering point for your friends and family. As a result, it tends to receive a lot of use and will begin to show its age in its surfaces, appliances, and features. After you have lived in your home for several years, your kitchen can begin to show its wear and need updating. Here are some recommendations for your kitchen design to update and improve the space for its use along with its appearance.

Install a Copper Sink

When you wash dishes and clean up from preparing food, your kitchen sink becomes the main area of use. And if your kitchen sink is made of porcelain or stainless steel, it can become stained and dented from regular use.

You can switch out your traditional sink for a copper sink in one of a variety of styles. For example, a large farmhouse-style sink will provide you with a larger double washbasin area and an attractive appearance and an optional decorative front panel. Copper is an attractive metal for a kitchen sink because of qualities like its durability and long-lasting quality. And copper is naturally antibacterial to help prevent the spread of food-borne illness in your home.

Another great benefit of a copper sink is that as it ages it will develop a natural patina that is common with copper surfaces. When you get a newly-installed copper sink, it will already come with its natural coloring, but be sure to protect it with the right type of finish to prevent its staining irregularly. You can request a living finish on the basin and a sealed finish on the front apron.

Add a Wood Waterproof Flooring

Another way to improve your kitchen space is to update and replace the flooring with waterproof wood flooring. Many types of waterproof flooring have the look of wood, and each has its own benefits and costs. For example, you can select a vinyl or wood plastic composite flooring, which provides the look of classic and warm hardwood flooring, but without the worry of having it damaged by the presence of moisture.

You may also look for waterproof wood plank flooring, which is installed in panels that are all sealed to protect from moisture intrusion, warping, and damage. Or if you want to go with a hardwood option, there are hardwood flooring materials that are engineered to be water-resistant, so you can install them in the kitchen or your bathroom.