Consider Flushing Method And Appearance When You Shop For A High-Efficiency Toilet

If you're looking at toilets for your bathroom renovation, then you'll want to consider a high-efficiency toilet that helps you conserve water. If you're on city utilities, one of these toilets could lower your water bill, and if you live in the country, a high-efficiency toilet is a good match for a septic system since it conserves water. Here are some things to know.

Look For The WaterSense Label

When you shop for energy-efficient appliances, you look for the Energy Star label. When you shop for a high-efficiency toilet, you'll want to look for the WaterSense label that lets you know the toilet meets the standards for water conservation established by the EPA.

Choose From A Variety Of Toilets

When you go to a plumbing showroom, you won't be able to tell high-efficiency toilets from standard toilets by looks alone. The high-efficiency models look just like basic toilets, and they come in different shapes so you can find a toilet style you like for your renovation.

Pick The Most Suitable Technology

High-efficiency toilets work in two ways. One uses gravity and has a dual-flush mechanism, and the other uses pressurized air. When you choose a pressure-assist toilet, the force of the air mixed with a small amount of water clears the bowl instead of relying on a large volume of water like old toilets do. A small tank fits inside the toilet tank that supplies the air, and this type of high-efficiency toilet uses the least amount of water.

A high-efficiency toilet that relies on gravity has two flush options. This is accomplished by having two buttons on top of the tank lid that deliver two different amounts of water. A flush that uses the least water is for clearing liquid waste while the second button releases more water for solid waste. This results in much less water use by the toilet, and if you buy a toilet with the WaterSense label, you can be sure the flush is forceful enough to clear the bowl even though less water is used.

When you shop for a high-efficiency toilet, you'll want to keep appearance in mind so the new toilet looks nice in your newly renovated bathroom. You'll also want to consider how the bathroom will be used. A pressure-assist toilet that uses compressed air can be noisy, so you might not want one of those in a master bedroom. A dual-flush toilet can be confusing for people who've never seen one, so it might not be ideal for a guest bathroom where it might not be used properly and therefore not save as much water as it could.

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