Everything You Need To Know About Accordion Storm Shutters

Hurricanes and tropical storms can wreak havoc along the east coast and in the Gulf of Mexico. On average, there are 10 named storms that are Category 3 or greater on the Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Wind Scale, meaning they have average wind speeds of 111 mph or greater. 

What are accordion storm shutters?

There are many ways to protect your windows from flying debris during a storm, but accordion storm shutters are both easy to install and economical. This type of metal storm shutter remains attached to the house when not in use. When a storm is approaching, you simply need to close the shutters and lock them in place. They will protect your windows from breaking due to flying debris. 

Do accordion storm shutters work?

Accordion storm shutters work very well at protecting your home during a tropical storm or hurricane. In fact, many parts of Florida and the east coast require the installation of storm shutters in their building code. 

How much wind speed can storm shutters handle?

The Federal Emergency Management Agency, or FEMA, suggests that storm shutters within one mile of the coastline be rated for wind speeds of 130 mph or greater, and those used further inland be rated for winds at 110 to 120 mph. 

It is important to note that storm shutters are more effective when they are securely attached to vertical studs in your exterior walls rather than to the window frame.  

Do you need a permit to install storm shutters?

Homeowners living in hurricane-prone areas should contact their county's building permit office about storm shutters. The type of shutter used must be on a state-approved list as well as individually approved by the county before installation can begin. 

It is important to note that your insurance company may also have requirements regarding the type of storm shutter used and how it is installed. Talk to your agent before installation begins. 

Do storm shutters add value to your home?

Accordion storm shutters are one of the more inexpensive ways to permanently protect your home during a storm. They do add value to your home, just as any home improvement project would. If you are selling your home, the new buyers will appreciate the extra protection as well.  

How long does it take to put up accordion shutters?

It takes time to close and lock accordion storm shutters on your home. Try a test run or two to time yourself on a fair-weather day so you know how much time you will need to secure your entire house and garage. If you find it difficult to secure second story shutters, consider adding a motorized option for those upper windows. 

Instead of running to your local hardware superstore for plywood when a storm is approaching, protect your home from wind and flying debris with a permanent solution. Installing accordion storm shutters can protect your home in inclement weather.