Motorized Window Shade Guide

Motorized shades are the window covering solution you just may be looking for. The added convenience and versatility make these shades a good choice.

Reasons to Choose Motorized

Motorized shades are sometimes more than a convenience—they are a necessity. For homes with vaulted ceilings or loft areas where there are large picture windows well overhead, a motorized shade may be the only solution if you want control over whether the window coverings are open or closed.

These shades are also useful for those that may not be able to close manual shades easily on their own, such as those with mobility concerns. They provide a safer mode of operation as well, as there are no pull strings or other opening devices that children or pets could become tangled in.

Extra Features to Consider

Shades that can be operated at the push of the button may already seem like good features, but there are even more options that can make these shades an even greater convenience. Automatic sensors are one such option. These sensors detect direct sunlight or temperature, which activates the closure mechanism so that the sun and heat won't stream into your home. These are useful if you are out of the house a lot or on those high-up windows that you can't easily reach.

Smart shades are another option. Not only can you operate these with a button or remote control at home, but you can also control them using a tablet, computer, or smartphone. This means you can operate your shades even if you aren't home. There are even options to put the shades on a timer so that they open and close at predetermined times—this is especially useful for making your home look lived in when you are out of town.

Shade Styles Available

You aren't stuck with limited choices with motorized shades, either. The most common styles are roller shades and roman blind styles, but there are also motorized options for wooden or vinyl louvers or blinds. This means you can choose the basic design style that fits in best with your home's decor. Cellular and pleated shades can also be motorized, if you prefer something with a bit more energy efficiency.

Color options are quite extensive, so you should be able to find something that looks nice in your home. You can also choose the level of opacity, from exceedingly sheer to light-blocking opaque.

Contact a motorized shades dealer to learn more about the available options.