Should You Install A Gas Or Wood Fire Pit?

Have you always wanted to add a fire pit to your backyard? If so, know that you have some options for what kind of pit to use. You can either install a wood or gas fire pit, both with their own advantages and disadvantages. Here is what you need to know about these two options. 

Wood Fire Pits

A wood-burning fire pit is a big pit that is made out of wall block. You select the wall black material that you like, build the circle of material to the exact size that you want, and place a top cap that rests on the brick, and you're good to go. The installation is simple, and anyone can do it on their own. It can be a one day job to get a fire pit up and running quickly. 

Your wood fire pit is going to require that you provide some sort of fuel source to get the fire going. You'll likely be purchasing firewood from your local home improvement store, or you'll be cutting the wood from trees on your property. Either way, it's an ongoing part of using a wood fire fit, because you need to burn something to get a fire going, and then keep adding wood to it. 

Gas Fire Pits

A gas fire pit is going to have a much more involved installation. You'll need to hire a plumber to run the gas line to your fire pit, which means you need to have a way to get the gas line from your home to the location of the fire pit. This may be easy to do if you have a wood deck, but very difficult if you have a concrete patio. In addition, a trench will need to be made to bury the gas line, which can require a trench digger or manual labor. 

In addition to the bricks needed to build the fire pit out of brick, you are going to need to purchase a gas fire pit kit with all the burners and accessories needed to hook up the fire pit to the gas line. Lava rock, glass rock, or gas logs will need to be placed in the pit as well to help disperse the heat over the entire fire pit.

The nice part about the gas fire pit is that you don't need to constantly add a fuel source to the fire pit. You can light it, use natural gas, and enjoy the fire pit when you want to use it without any additional preparation. 

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