Flooring Options That Provide A High Level Of Traction

Before you choose a particular type of flooring that you want in an area of your home, it's important to think about what physical traits you want the floor to possess. Once you've made a list of these traits, you'll be able to narrow down your search to choose the best flooring option. For example, if you want softness underfoot in a bedroom, you'll likely gravitate toward carpet. One trait that may be important to you is traction. This could be critical if you have elderly parents who live in your home and you're concerned about them falling. There are several flooring options that provide a high level of traction, including these.


Natural stone flooring has a number of positive attributes. Many people choose it because of the look that it offers, but it's important to consider its texture, too. Several natural stone flooring products have a fairly rough surface, which provides good traction. While some natural stone floors are polished so much that they have a smooth finish that can be a little slippery for some people, you won't have trouble finding products that are more textured. You can be confident that people will be able to walk over this type of floor without trouble.

Textured Vinyl

Vinyl plank flooring is available in all sorts of styles, including a variety of textures. If you look at vinyl flooring that mimics tile, you may find that its surface is a little slick. Other vinyl products, however, can offer more traction. In particular, you'll want to browse samples of vinyl flooring that are textured. The more texture on the surface of the vinyl, the more traction people will experience underfoot. Vinyl flooring has a lengthy list of advantages, but its traction is something that you might not initially realize until you check out some textured products.


Concrete flooring also provides a high level of traction, particularly if you ensure that your flooring contractor doesn't polish the surface of the concrete excessively. While you probably won't want concrete in certain areas of your home, such as the living room, it can work well in a surprisingly high number of spaces — providing a bit of an industrial look that a lot of people will enjoy. Most importantly, its gritty surface will dramatically reduce the risk of one of your elderly family members slipping and falling while walking on it. Learn more about these flooring options at a local home flooring retailer.