4 Reasons To Choose A Canvas Canopy For Your Outdoor Space

 Adding a canopy to your yard can provide the perfect shady place to sit and relax, or even to create a backyard entertaining hub. Canvas canopies are a good option as their versatility means there is an option for any type of space in your yard.

1. Versatile Designs

Canvas canopies come in a huge range of designs, from fixed and retractable options for a patio, to free-standing types that are on easy-to erect frames that allow you to put up a covered gazebo anywhere in your yard. Canvas can be dyed any color you can imagine, meaning you aren't necessarily limited to stock colors. It's even possible to find canvas printed with designs and motifs, and some companies will even custom-print the canvas in the design of your choice.

2. All-Weather Options

A major benefit of canvas is that it doesn't have to be just another fair-weather material. Its durability means there are canvas options that can be used in wet weather as well as dry, thanks to fabric treatments that protect against mold and mildew. Even the sun won't harm a canvas canopy due to the UV protectants that are imprinted into the fabric. Modern canopy frames can be set on permanent footings to make them better able to withstand wind, or you can opt for retractable canvas awnings that roll up automatically when a sensor detects a strong wind.

3. Cost Effective

Compared to many other canopy options, canvas provides excellent value for your money as they tend to be less costly than other canopy and awning options. The designs tend to be attractive for both the canopy and the frame, plus they are versatile enough to evolve with the changing design style of your yard. For example, you can always replace the canvas covering down the road if you want a different color or look, without having to replace the entire canopy system.

4. Good Durability

A good frame is a sign of durability, and canvas canopies typically feature powder-coated aluminum or steel frames. These types of frames won't rust or corrode, nor will there be issues with paint flaking or chipping. Canvas itself is also extremely durable and resistant to weathering damages naturally. The addition of special coatings and sealants, including waterproofing and protectants against mildew and sun fade, further increases the durability. These coatings may need to be reapplied occasionally, but the process tends to be simple and inexpensive.

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