Fabric Pests: How To Identify And Get Rid Of A Variety Of These Creepy, Common Bugs

You've been waiting all year to slip into your favorite comfy wool sweater when all of the sudden, you notice a few holes and other damage that wasn't there last year. As you keep digging through the closet, you notice a lot of your clothing is irreparably damaged. Unfortunately, you have fallen victim to fabric pests, a term that refers to a variety of insects that enjoy dining on your favorite garments.

Quick Tips To Maintain A Fresh Scent In Your Storage Unit

If you've ever pulled items out of storage and been horrified at the musty, dusty odor they've developed, you might be resistant to ever put anything in storage again. However, there are ways to prevent these malodors from developing. Follow these tips as you put items in a storage unit at a facility like Empire Self Storage, and they should stay smelling fresh. Never store anything moist or damp. It does not take much moisture to perpetuate mold or mildew growth, and most storage odors do stem from mold or mildew.

Tips For Caring For Your New Corian Countertops

The type of countertop that is found in your kitchen is an important factor in determining both the appearance of the kitchen as well as the maintenance requirements for it. To this end, Corian countertops can be an excellent choice for homeowners that want an aesthetically pleasing option that is also low-maintenance. Yet, you might not be very familiar with what is needed to get the most from these countertops. Luckily, the following couple of tips can make it easier for you to ensure these countertops last as long as possible.

How to Replace a Toilet Wax Ring

A toilet wax ring is installed around your toilet's flange to seal the connection between your toilet and your home's plumbing. Over time, the wax can deform and fall apart, allowing the toilet to rock on its base and also allowing foul odors and water to seep into your home. Thankfully, replacing a wax ring is a fairly straightforward process that you do yourself. Before You Begin You'll need a replacement wax ring, a putty knife, rags, replacement flange bolts, an adjustable wrench, a pair of pliers, and a wet/dry shop vacuum.

Making Your Apartment Feel More Like A Home: Ideas For You

When you move into a rental apartment, no matter how big or small that apartment is, it can often feel quite plain and even cold. This is because standard white or beige paint and carpeting are standard for use in rental units. While you cannot really do anything about your walls or carpet in your new apartment, there are many different ways to personalize the overall look of your new apartment and make it feel more like a home than a cold, plain space.